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Our project is counting on support from the community. We try to implement ideas or wishes of the FireBee-users-to-be as soon as possible. Here we list links to some of the most important community portals, which are essential for our work, and which monitor the communities activity.

Atari.org http://atari.org

Atari.org is the most Atari portal at all with links section, news, hundreds of subdomains and dozens of Atari relevant projects which are hosted, such as the Atari Coldfire Project. Atari.org is providing our webspace free of charge - thanks a lot for that.

Atari-Home.de http://atari-home.de/

Atari-Home is the biggest German portal - with about 1500 users it is the most important interface between us and the users. About two thirds of the preorders will be delivered to users of the Atari-Home forum, and several ACP members are active there apart from the project. Support for ACP through Atari-Home is unrivaled.

Atari-Forum http://www.atari-forum.com

Atari-Forum.com is probably the biggest Atari 16/32 forum in existance. Thousands of Atari users visit day by day - most of them retro-fans it seems. These mainly English speaking forums with its about 5500 registered users is sort of a backbone of the active scene.

Atari Music Network http://www.atarimusic.net

The Atari Music Network is a new page which got relatively relevant through the last year concerning active musicions. AMN started in the beginning of 2010 to close the gap left by the death of Tim Konrardy. From the begin on the ACP was much supported.

Atari Age http://www.atariage.com

Atari Age is another quite important forum. From them some valuable ideas emerged for our project.

Dead Hackers society http://dhs.nu/

Probably the most important site for the Atari demoscene. Quite a few members of the ACP learned how to code by doing demos for the Atari ST or Falcon. On DHS you find the most recent news from within the scene, there is a forum and a load of software to be found in the download area.

Atari-Users http://atari-users.net/

Atari-users.net is another English speaking site which has some relevance within the Atari-community. Like Atari.org, Atari-users.net is without financial interests providing facilities to Atari-related projects.


Project related links

Mailing list https://lists.lnxnt.org/mailman/listinfo/atari-coldfire

Some of our infrastructure is provided by the alternative and also noncommercial server project lnxnt.org, such as the mailing list which interested people can use to keep themselves up to date or to discuss directly with the developers. Some ideas for the acp found their way via the mailing list as well. Beware: We don't have money for official certificates (or rather don't want to spend any on a certificate), so browsers might display a warning. Nonetheless this page is trustworthy and the certificate can be imported.

Our version control system http://atariforge.org/gf/project/firebee/

We now have a vcs to provide everyone with our mataerial. Atariforge is a noncommercial project which offers infrastructure for Atari related projects.

Medusa Computer Systems http://www.medusacomputer.com

The company which built the Atari-cones 'Medusa' and 'Hades'. Fredi Aschwanden who designed both of them back then is now developing the hardware for the FireBee. Medusa Computer Systems grants the usual two years warranty for the hardware.

GCC for ColdFire http://vincent.riviere.free.fr/soft/m68k-atari-mint/

Vincent Rivière is one of the most active members inside ACP. For two years now he is maintaining GCC for ColdFire processors, the crosscompiler for our new computer, doing the adaptation of EmuTOS for the ColdFire processor and many things more. On this page you can find the recent GCC and Cygwin.

EmuTOS http://emutos.sourceforge.net/en/index.htm

The official EmuTOS homepage. You can get the already ColdFire assimilated operating system. EmuTOS is a free flavour of the still closed sourced Atari TOS which is based on freely released GEM sources.

Spare MiNT http://sparemint.org/

The SpareMiNT homepage has become the centre of development of the free Posix operating system for Atari computers and compatible machines. Especially the mailing list with up to 1200 messages monthly gives a nice overview of the activities around the most modern Atari operating system.

FireTOS http://didierm.pagesperso-orange.fr/ct60/ctpci-e.htm

Didier Méquignon is already working on ColdFire evaluation board for some years. Fortunately he could be persuaded to join in the ACP, and now he is working on FireTOS which is the modernized version of the Falcon TOS for ColdFire, just as developing other essential software for the FireBee. He successfully tested a FireBee with a Radeon 9250, or adapts his flash tools to our computer, to be able to do further software updates without the need for additional hardware.

AHCC http://members.chello.nl/h.robbers/

AHCC is a Pure-C compatible compiler maintained by Henk Robbers. Meanwhile it is existing in version 4.3 and produces ColdFire compatible code. Henk has thus created the (to our knowledge) only compoler which produces ColdFire optimized programs which will also run on other 68k processors. AHCC is provided under GPL/LGPL version 2 and plain Atari compiler/assembler.

Suska http://www.experiment-s.de and http://shop.inventronik.de/store

Wolfgang Förster is the man who programmed an Atari STE in VHDL and so did the base for the hardware emulation of Atari computers such as the ACP. Wolfgang provides his VHDL cores as open source. The first Suska-board can be ordered via Inventronik, Wolfgangs company, and is ideal to be used for timing accurate applications as it is working with the original 16 and 8 mhz bus timing.



ST Magazine http://stmagazine.org/

One of the last Atari print magazines. ST Magazine originates from France and is released irregularly, but on paper! Sometimes there are English translations of the Magazine. The website contains monthly updated Atari relevant news in French and English.

Atari Today http://www.bertelmann.org/ataritoday/

Atari Today is a portal which gives a good overview of some important news pages.

Ready Magazin http://www.ready-magazin.de/

Ready-Magazin is a printmagazine off the 8-Bit sector which tries to provide the German speaking with a printed mag. Currently the fifth issue is out.

A-ONE Magazine http://atarinews.org/

The "Atari Online News etc." are weekly (!) released online news. A-ONE is text based and holds news from different parts of society. Concept is to provide news FOR the Atari, but not only Atari-related news. Certainly Atari relevant topics have a special significance.

Atari User http://www.atariuser.com/

Atari User is a young commercial online mag which tries to do monthly releases containing Atari-only topics.

Low Res Magazine http://lowresmag.wordpress.com/

Low Res is a young noncommercial web mag which is done by Atari enthusiastics, and which aims for any retro computing fan.

SoundOnSound http://www.soundonsound.com/

SoundOnSound is a first-class music productions magazine which had a special Atari column dilating far into the 2000's, still holding an Atari subforum which is related to music production, midi etc. on Atari computers.

Pofacs http://www.pofacs.de

A podcast for alternative operating systems which is released fortnightly and already several times had Atari and even FireBee related contents. The broadcasts can be downloaded or received as stream.

Spielerwitwen http://www.spielerwitwen.de/

"Gaming und Retro for all" with news, forum and many more.

Nemesiz.tk http://portal.nemesiz.com/

Nemesiz is a noncommercial games- and retro-site whose authors already supported the ACP a lot.


Further pages by ACP members

Here you find links to webpages which are more or less related to our project:

Matthias Alles http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~alles/fpga/

Our FPGA specialists website.

Lyndon Amsdon http://hardware.atari.org/index.htm

This page is about Lyndons projects such as the NetUS-Bee USB and networking device for all 16/32 Atari computers.

Mark Duckworth http://www.atari-source.org/

Homepage of Mark who some years ago could convince Freescale to donate five ColdFire evaluation boards and through that kept up interest within the Atari community in the ColdFire.

Norman Feske http://www.genode-labs.com

The Start-up business of our longterm ACP maintainer.

Markus Fichtenbauer http://www.wvnet.at/fichti/index.htm

Author of the PCI-BIOS. Markus keeps on with several tasks within the ACP, such as PHP programming, documentation and interface drivers.

Elmar Hilgart http://www.eh-systems.de

This is the man behind the well-known ethernet cartridge port adapter. He has quite a lot of knowledge around the possible development and production of the Deesse DSP card.

Alan Hourihane http://www.freemint.org/

Alan is the recent maintainer of MiNT. Many Atari users know him due to his Eiffel PS/2 adapter. Besides the adaptation of MiNT Alan took over the PIC-programming for ACP.

Olivier Landemarre http://myaes.lutece.net/

Olivier is already working for years with a ColdFire evaluationboard. He is specialising on letting MyAES run native on the FireBee.

Bernhard Pavelka http://www.pavelka.info/

Bernhard cares for the design of the custom enclosure for the FireBee.

Lonny Pursell http://userpages.bright.net/~gfabasic/

Lonny maintains GFA-Basic which exists for 68k machines and which supports both TOS as MiNT.

Jens Riemann http://jensriemann.macdisk.de/index.htm

Jens does proofreading and English/ German translations which accumulate inside the project. His page is related to Atari computing. (The original dyndns page is temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons.)

Norman Feske http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2

Homepage about Normans works.

David Galvez http://menta-project.atariforge.net/

Davids Menta project is about the developing of some basic GUI tools for the MiNT desktop. For the ACP David mainly works on the development of the USB drivers. On his Menta project pages there is quite an interesting blog about Davids programming of computers in general and, more specialized, MiNT.

Dima Sobolev http://www.avtandil.narod.ru/

Dima does the translation into Russian. A milestone is the Russion version of EmuTOS.


Further interesting Atari reading

Powerphenix http://www.powerphenix.com

Homepage of Rodolphe Czuba who supplied the Atari platform through his CT60/63, and further on through the newly available CTPCI (for CT6x) with powerful Falcon upgrades.

Nature http://nature.atari.org/

Hencox and Instream from the far north are working on projects such as the EtherNAT (for ethernet and USB) and the Super-Videl (a videl compatible graphics enhancer) for CT6x accelerated Falcons.


Formerly important pages

The following pages are either offline or not actively maintained anymore, or just online for historical reasons, or interesting for historical reasons, e.g. for arcticles about the first ACP try in 2002.

MyAtari.net http://www.myatari.net

A Webzine about the Atari until 2005. Topics are not only Atari 16/32 but also 8 bit machines and games consoles.

Atari-World-Forum http://f6.parsimony.net/forum6332/

Formerly the biggest German Atari forum, closed in 2007. A version from december 2006 can be found in the internet archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20061205014628/http://f6.parsimony.net/forum6332/

Milan-Computer http://www.milan-computer.de

The company which built the well-known 'Milan' Atari clone. Thanks to them we can use TOS as basis for our operating system. Here's the last snapshot in the internet archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20050416134750/http://www.milan-computer.de/index.html

Frontier-Systems http://www.frontier-systems.de

The former company of the former project coordinator Oliver Kotschi. You can find Information about the Deesse DSP56301 PCI card there. Here's the last version from 2008: http://web.archive.org/web/20080316015635/www.frontier-systems.de/index1.htm

FreeMiNT http://www.freemint.de

The page about the most recent operating system for Atari 16/32 and compatible machines. The development is going on all the time. Frank Naumann, the main kernel developer, wanted to help us port FreeMiNT for the ACP clone. Frank died in 2010.

TOSgroup http://www.tosgroup.org

The homepage of the TOS standardization board. The TOSgroup was initiated by Frank Naumann and Richard Gordon Faika. Both worked in our project as well.


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