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This is the official website about the Atari Coldfire Project. Our aim is to build a new Atari-clone based on Motorola Coldfire processors and make it available to the public at the lowest possible price.

There is no single company behind the development of the project. It is an initiative of people from different parts of europe with the aim to create something new for our beloved Atari-world.

You can take a look at the 'contact'-section of this website to learn about the people who are already involved.

We are open for everyone who wants to take part in the project in a creative way. If you want to join - please contact us!


A lot of thanks to the following people or institutions for their support:

  • Atari.org who hosts this website for free
  • our friends and families for their tolerance :-)


webdesign and graphics by Norman Feske (all graphics on this page were made using Escape Paint on an Atari Falcon030)

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