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Project Member's websites

Frontier-Systems http://www.frontier-systems.de

The company of the project leader Oliver Kotschi. Here you can also find information about the Deesse DSP56301 PCI-card.

Norman Feske http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2

Website about the 'daily' work of Norman Feske. He is responsible for the operation system related work of the ACP. At the moment he is mainly working on a minimalistic windowing system called 'DOpE'.

Charon's FPGA Project http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~alles/fpga/

Charon started his own FPGA project to gain experience with hardware design. This website descibes his project and documents the progress.

FreeMiNT http://www.freemint.de

The site about the most up-to-date operating system for Atari computers. Its development never stands still and the kernel-maintainer Frank Naumann will help us to get freeMiNT running on the new machine.

Markus Fichtenbauer http://www.wvnet.at/fichti/index.htm

Author of the PCI-BIOS. He also takes part in designing the new motherboard and will do the lowest-level programming things for our project.

Elmar Hilgart http://www.eh-systems.de

This is the man behind the famous ROM-port ethernet adaptors. He is technical maintainer of the Deesse-card.

Atari.org http://www.atari.org

The biggest Atari resource on the net. You can find tons of links, great bulletin boards and a lot more here. Atari.org also hosts Atari-sites for free. Atari.org sponsors the webspace for this project-page. Thanks a lot Anders!

Project Related Links

Here you can find links to websites that are more-or-less related to our project:

Nature http://nature.atari.org

Hencox and InSTream are working on two extensions for the CT60: Supervidel (an advanced graphics card for the CT60) and EtherNat (a network and USB interface).

Czuba-Tech http://www.czuba-tech.com

The man behind this company is Rodolphe Czuba. He is a very famous person in the Atari-scene because he built the great Falcon accelerators Centurbo, Centurbo2, and CT60.

Milan-Computer http://www.milan-computer.de

The company who built the famous Milan computer.

Medusa Computer Systems http://www.kingx.com/kingx/medusa/

The company who build the famous Medusa and Hades Atari-clones.

Escape Homepage http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2

The website of the Atari-Falcon demogroup 'Escape', who will support the project as much as possible.

Other interesting Atari sites

Dead Hackers Society http://www.dhs.nu

This is the most important website of the Atari demoscene. It features the hottest news, a great bulletin board and much more.

Atari-World-Forum http://f6.parsimony.net/forum6332/

A very popular german Atari-forum.

MyAtari.net http://www.myatari.net

A web-magazine about any Atari-related topics. It covers not only the 32-bit range of Atari computers but also articles about Atari 8-bit and Atari consoles.

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